Beautiful Raspberry Pi

So I wanted to have a website. Maybe I will write in another blog entry how I got disappointed from some web hosting companies, and decided to have my own server.

But this is not at all simple - server hardware cost money, take much electricity etc. And because my better half starts a company soon, and is familiar with MODX - I had also an extra requirement. 

It turns out that I had already some hardware ready to use. A Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. Why not actually?

Well - will such a tiny and weak computer run MODX? I had to try out.

After some hours of learning and trying different operating systems of Rasberry Pi I got to the default and most obvious installation - raspbian - and specifically RASPBIAN JESSIE LITE. Who knows why I did not try this first... 

After installing it on the small 8G SDCard I had, I sat on the floor in front of our TV, with a keyboard I stole from the family PC and an old mouse. And because setting up the wifi did not work for me immediatly - I improvised a network cable that got to that spot in the house. 2 minutes later I had sshd running:

sudo apt-get install openssh-client openssh-server

Now I could just leave my raspberry pi in its nice box (which I printed - but this is for a separated blog entry), go to my desk, and ssh to my new server and play with it. Fun!

Few minutes later - after installing apache2, mysql, and php I was ready to download and install MODX. 

It all worked like charm and the answer to the question above is big yes! This tiny and weak computer - Raspberry Pi 2 Model B - is strong enough to run MODX. I actually cannot really feel that it is slow. 

It is so nice to go to sleep after things worked out well - even at 2AM.