I like to play the piano, and a bit the guitar. I also improvise and compose, and in this page you can find pieces by me.

The piano is not totally in tune. Apologies. And I still have to practice with the recording - I have no special equipment, apart from a laptop. And finally, most of the time, the records I do are very raw - it is not that I take a day off for playing music. So when I find myself alone in the house in the weekend, and not too busy, and feel like playing, this is the result...

  • This piece is one piece I composed few years ago. However, in this record there is a totally new improvisation which I like very much. I call it Garden House because I composed it while sitting in our tiny garden house when my baby grand piano (which barely fit in) still was there.
  • In the summer 2006, my piano was still in the garden house. So the neighbors had to suffer my music. This piece has been recorded and therefore remembered, because one of my neighbors was so kind to come over to tell that he found it nice. This is the second time I have ever played it - so it is mostly improvisation.
  • Still in that evening, I have also recorded the following.
  • In the end of 2007 I improvised the following two pieces on my new Alesis Fusion 8HD:
    • This was actually an exercise to see how the multi-track recording works. But it includes some accords I like very much.
    • This is called Eastern Wind :-) and it is, again, recorded improvisation.
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